Joining the Menagerie – FC2018

With a hectic 2017 in the distant past, its time to look towards the next year. No shortage of fun events related to gear, masks or costuming in general. For Stego, it has been quite a while since he has attended a convention, since 2017 did compel us to slow down and deal with any of the unpleasant challenges.

Stego will enjoy meeting with fellow scalies and fuzzies hanging out at Further Confusion 2018. Despite all the orders we are finishing up, he managed to finish a jackal just in time for the art show. It will come with some extra hookups for this year’s art show, which might appeal to those who like to add on gear.  Our mask offering is located in the FC 2018 Art Show, Table A4

Our JG 1.5 wont be alone on the table, as our table area will also offer some designs from Scaleworx. Taku Dragon has been working hard in the lab, perfecting his craft and has come up with some items special for the art show.  Squeaky sergals and rabbits can rejoice, knowing that there is a gasmask design just for them.

While enjoying ‘labcon’ on a weekend of my own, I am going to be working on more gallery updates. Been slowly working on some cleanup with the website galleries. Hope you have enjoyed what has been shared thus far, but we may tweet more in real time as the art show continues.

Once our dino has returned we will be working through the rest of the month on end-of-year stuff alongside finishing up our current orders. Wild Gasmasks will soon be changing gears and no shortage on things to begin this year with.

Straight From the Lab

Behind-the-scenes imagery from the jackal lab.

Customer Gallery (Legacy Gallery)

From the nightclubs to furry conventions to parade performance, Wild Gasmasks become part of many a journey. Our legacy gallery shows everything from the experimental phases end-of-year 2011.

Custom Works 2

In the years since we have started, there has been no shortage of requests which involve something a bit more custom. Forming unique creatures or one's persona (characters), we work to bring people's visions to life.

Custom Works 3

From the nightclubs to furry conventions to parade performance, Wild Gasmasks become part of many a journey. From 2012 to the end of 2013, our workload was filled with many creative requests.

Custom Works (Legacy Gallery)

From the very beginning...

Over 15 masks were produced which required our special touch. From paintjobs to exploring different possibilities, we had a variety of creative orders.