Hang Them 5

Hang Them 5

Various animals getting a new coat on the inside. Need to dry a bunch of creatures at once? Our outdoor system of bungee cords will do.

Album: Straight From the Lab

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Giraffe – Side View

Giraffe - Side View

Who knew that giraffes might also be made of rubber? A simple attempt off of our existing equine masks, we positioned the ears more to the side. We had to sculpt a set of ossicones (these are the nodes atop a giraffe's head). In nature, they have tufts of hair/fur on it but we look at our creation as a bouncy rubber giraffe, so we made the horn shape silly and simple. We love the versatility of the wearer, and our mask now makes that apparent.

Album: Custom Works 2

Categories: Shell Modified

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