Quietfire WIP04 – UV Pink Chin Strokes

Quietfire WIP04 - UV Pink Chin Strokes

With the final coats on our painted design, it was time to add our secondary colors, mixed for the sake of making our UV reactive painjob pop even more. With respect to the character's goatee, a small brush was used to create the impression of hair the best way it might look on a rubber tiger.

Album: Straight From the Lab

Categories: Feline Masks Hooded Masks

Tags: #progress #hooded #KG1 #tiger #custom paint design #UV-reactive #EL Wire

Snow Leopard 3 – Side View 2

Snow Leopard 3 - Side View 2

In the snowy mountains, the snow leopard hides with greys and whites. Its about being low key and mellow, stealth and large paws built to work around snowy terrain. These are adaptive creatures, streamlined for warmth. Another snow leopard crosses our path, with a flair in its eyes and heart. Our greyscale scheme started with a mid grey coat, and a splash of white. Our brushed design takes on realism, including continued use of real life references. The ears are capped on the back with black, and the white block is blended in. We gave a nice (but bright) pink nose, and the choice of yellow lenses helped bring some color out in the overall design.

Album: Custom Works 2

Categories: Feline Masks

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