Bay Horse 2 – Side View

Bay Horse 2 - Side View

With all the horses we have painted, its time to return to the vision of a majestic bay horse. With the many forests in its destination land, you can assure that the warmth of a gentle equine will greet you. Applying a chocolate coat with some red pigment, a black area is stark along the front of its muzzle and nostrils. Upon the forehead a white blaze is painted, hinting at a diamond shape. Using some soft blending, we did our best to blend the solid strong brown with the painted on areas of our mask. The diamond was painted with a bit of a wiggle, with different sized strokes at the edges. We hope the wiggle worked into the blaze reflects movement in our work. This pony is bound for lands oversea, with intention placed in the mask to exhibit its unbridled nature.