UV Backquarter-ELlitCU

Quietfire Version 2 - Back Quarter Closeup (in the UV Light)

A reprise that sings alongside the quietest of fires. Stego gave this hooded KG1 an overhaul, while solving a change of fit in the wearer. The first part was breakdown, including revising elements of the EL lighting. It involved destruction of the paint job, and I cant tell you how hard that was for us. Quietfire's look is distinct, and we pretty much nailed the design the first time. Once the fit was adjusted, there was a revisiting of familiar territory for everyone, as the design was redone. We did try some different colors, adding a third layer of paint, using UV reactive colors. Many of the lines at the brow and in the stripes had the UV detailing trying to curve with the rubber mask form, aiming for the look of fur highlights.