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Thank you for visiting Wild Gasmasks. This small website is useful for showcasing our products. All text, images and video belong to Wild Gasmasks (or are copyright their respective artist/author, as cited)


350 pixel wide button graphic for It uses a purple checkered background with a gradient. Six yellow stars are scattered around the outer edges. The Text "" is placed in the middle.

Many thanks to the artist of this year’s website theme — Slurku. This was a wonderful artist to work with, with a remarkable style and a love of goo. Slurku works with a variety of color palettes and concepts. This time around, we wanted to commission an artist, but really look around for artists new (to us). We support more diversity in our fandom and we are glad we really looked. Slurku is a BIPOC artist, ready to make your vivid dreams into a reality with her style and take on some of our favorite themes.

Please check out for more surrealist romps in the gooey colors. πŸ™‚

Our current business cards (starting from 2018) still sport our website version 4 header artwork, which was provided by Iron Raptor Studios

For those of you who might run into a 404 page, the Jackele graphic was commissioned by Farore Nightclaw

The Website: takes advantage of CSS3 and is best viewed in modern browsers. The design is based off of Boostrap, with special formatting for our product pages.

Our business cards, watermarks and some site graphics use our tried and true Digital Ninja font, by Quiccs.

In version 5.0, we use more than a few important plugins and elements for display and functionality of our showcase website.

Lovingly created, was built and developed to showcase the creative work of Stego S. Aurus.

Site Design, Development and Maintenance by R&C/Kat the Leopardess
Special thanks to Pup Maphia for getting our website up to speed!