Tax Blackout for WGM

Back from Further Confusion and now reality sets in — tax season.

While not a full time business, Wildgasmasks still operates as a legitimate business.  Part of running such a company means the time has come for Uncle Sam and the state of California to collect taxes.  So, for the next 2 weeks there will be no progress on orders, while we ensure we meet deadline and are compliant with all state and federal tax policies. Stego has been working long hours at his job but, when he gets home, he wont get to jackal.  He will have to focus on taxes.

This might be unfortunate for all of you guys who are in our backlog or have been trying to get on our queue for this winter season.  It is my hope you can wait just a bit longer…While you wait out the Tax Blackout, here is a gloved and leatherclad jackal…

Smashwolf – EL Wire Jackal In Action

For the last few years, we have had many inquiries about our EL-Wire Jackal (link needed). Due to the hard work that goes into adding this feature onto our masks, some people can become intimidated about the cost. However, we really do think that there is an undeniable (and unmatched) aesthetic gained by the EL Wire. In this video, Andy Kelly gives you an upclose view of our JG-1, worn by owner Smashwolf.