Our Masks Go on Many An Adventure (Kinkyponygirl)

Wild Gasmasks can be a portal to endless possibilities or a key component of a great journey. This is never more apparent than when we see updates from Kinky Pony Girl.

Anna Rose has been living out her pony dreams for a long time, and her husband Uwe has been capturing many of those moments for our enjoyment.  Even outside of ponyplay, the Alterpic website has shown a variety of encasement scenes and the use of gear that masks the wearer’s identity and/or deprives one of their senses.  Her constant desire to push her limits (and often for the enjoyment of her subscribers) brought her to our little place on the web.  In 2009, while shooting in California, Uwe took her for a romp on the beach in a full catsuit, our mask and hooves.  From appearances at fetish events around the world, to more hot sets, Kinky Pony girl continues to take a playful romp…with Uwe nearby to keep her on her toes. 🙂

For a while, Anna had a banner that rotated upon our old site*. However, I spoke to Mrs. Rose a few days ago about it and it turned out that she has just released another hot scene.  Here is a YouTube-friendly teaser, featuring pony boots, shiny latex uniforms and more:


*Currently, I’m contemplating the best area in our site for bannerspace. Sidebar got full quickly.

Wildgasmasks in Bay Area Music Video

MC Crumbsnatcher tells us a wicked little tale, through surreal dream sequences. Second in the music video series, “Why the Boys All Love Me” shows Crumbsnatcher, escaping dreams turned nightmares. His penguin paramour has been kidnapped. The funloving rap video from part 1 is nowhere to be found, Crumbsnatcher’s nice animal backup dancers have now become goblins and gouls, creating extra terror to the rapper’s danceclub scene.

Oh, Smash….what have you done now?.  😉

Smashwolf – EL Wire Jackal In Action

For the last few years, we have had many inquiries about our EL-Wire Jackal (link needed). Due to the hard work that goes into adding this feature onto our masks, some people can become intimidated about the cost. However, we really do think that there is an undeniable (and unmatched) aesthetic gained by the EL Wire. In this video, Andy Kelly gives you an upclose view of our JG-1, worn by owner Smashwolf.