WGM Parts Shop

Down the way from our latex waterfall, we assemble our rubber creatures. In the shop, there are a few of the parts that we create for our masks. For those who own a Wild Gasmask, the following selection serves as a way to see what parts we can make, and in some cases, additional colors.

Colored (Tinted) Lenses

Its all in the eyes. Black poly carbonate lenses come with every new WGM (Wild Gasmask). It fits in the eye socket and is easy to remove. One can also change the lenses out, giving you more color options. Please view our available colors (Black, Blue, Clear, Yellow and Violet).

Please note that our red tinted lenses are only available upon request.

Wildgasmasks standard lens in black

Colored (Mirrored) Lenses

Wildgasmasks mirrored lens in silver

You can see them, but they cannot see you. Choose a pair (or an additional pair) of mirrored lenses to create a slightly different look to your mask’s eyes. Please view our available colors (Silver, Green, Wine/Magenta, Blue and Gold).

Intake Valve(s)

Nice breathing is possible, as you take in some air. Depending on the model type, our masks feature one or two black intake valves, which use 40mm NATO threading.

Close up image of a plain black intake valve. It has 40mm NATO threading.


a single rubber hose with 40MM NATO threading

Your mask’s intake port’s can accommodate hoses, offering a different look. With 40mm threading for use with other compatible items (such as a connector or smell bag). Inventory can be limited so be sure to ask about adding this onto your order.

Particulate Canister

Army green canister with 40MM NATO threading
Painted black canister with 40MM NATO threading

Enjoy the novelty of adding a gas mask canister to your breathing flow. Sourced from surplus, these items were originally for filtering particulates. 40mm threading allows you to screw this into the intake of your mask (KG-1 Big Cat masks are the exception — please see our connector section below) Canisters come in standard army green, but we can paint one black, for an additional charge.

Exhaust Valve(s)

Now, exhale! Each mask has a port where the wearer’s breath comes out. Contact us if you just need a replacement. This part is not always visible to the outside, but we still offer these in a variety of hues. If you have a JG-1/1.5 or JG-2 (Legacy) mask, there is also a16-hole fitted cap that you can add on top of your exhaust port.

Close up image of a plain, black exhaust valve.

Exhaust Cap (for Jackal Masks)

Cap off your mask with a cover for your exhaust valve. This traditional gas mask component features 16 holes, to cover up your breath port. This will snap on easily, and has a tab for easy removal.

Wye Connector

Two becomes one, when getting one of these rubber wye connectors. Masks with an intake port on each side can draw the hoses behind the wearer using this item. At the bottom of the Y, the port allows you to hook up additional accessories. The connector’s “port” end and each of the two plug ends are plastic, and use 40mm NATO threading. The accompanying gallery features colors which we have created, previously.

Wye connector up close

Reverse Wye Connector

Reverse wye hooked onto a KG1 Wild Gasmask

When it comes to our mask designs that use single ports, you can reverse the situation. As a counterpart to our wye, this rubber wye will hook to any internally threaded port on our masks. The connector’s plastic ends use 40mm NATO threading, with the “port” end screwing into the creature’s “mouth”. Shown here, dual hoses can be added with other compatibly threaded add-ons to complete the circle.

Accessory shipments are likely to be cost prohibitive, when it comes to international shipping. Its still possible to ship an accessory only box over there, but just be aware that these rates apply.